A City in Florida: Chapter 18

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A City in Florida

Chapter 18

Conor’s POV:

"Don’t do that, they’re going to attack you!" Melissa screeched at me as I went to toss a french fry to a seagull.

"Relax, they’re fine," I said, looking back at her with a smirk.

It’s been about a month since we returned from Vegas, and our relationship was still incredibly strong. Besides the fact that we still haven’t had sex, but I could overlook that for now. 

We were out grabbing some early dinner together, and then we were going to go back to Melissa’s house. She had a few final projects to work on, and I actually had a little paperwork to do. So before we drowned in work, we decided to enjoy a date.

"How’s the job hunt going?" I asked her, popping a fry in my mouth. Melissa frowned.

"Terrible. I didn’t realize it was so hard. I thought my internship last year would give me a job like that," she admitted, taking a bite from her salad. 

"You’ll get one babe. Just not too far, okay?" I said, smiling. Melissa giggled and nodded.

"I’m trying. Although there is this one job in New York I applied for that would be great," she sighed. I threw a fry at her.

"New York is way too far," I said. I didn’t want her to move to New York when we just started dating. I liked having her around whenever I wanted. If she went to New York, we’d have to do the long distance thing. I was willing to do it, but I really liked having her here. 

"Aw, you really want me around?" She asked. She pushed her plate forward and I nodded, and grabbed her hand. 

"Of course I do," I said. I saw a blush creep on her face, and I stroked her hand with my thumb quickly. I haven’t had these kinds of feelings for a girl in a long time, but Melissa did that to me. I was glad we were giving this a shot. 

The waitress came over and I paid for the bill with some cash, and Melissa and I got up and started to walk back. Melissa didn’t live far from campus, and the restaurant we were at was right near campus. I threw my arm around her shoulder, and her arm snuck around my waist.

"Can’t believe I graduate in a month," Melissa sighed. I leaned over to kiss her head.

"It’s crazy. But now you’ll be a working woman. But even if you struggle, I’ll support you," I said. "I can be your sugar daddy," I said.

Melissa hit my stomach. “That’s disgusting,” she laughed. I rubbed my abs with my free hand and winced.

"Okay, I’m gonna stop taking you to the gym because you’re getting really strong," I teased. Melissa looked up at me and flexed her arm. She was in a tank top, so her little arm muscle was visible. She bent down and kissed it. 

"Welcome to the gun show," she said. I had to laugh at her. That was another reason why she was so incredible. Because she made me laugh. She never really pissed me off. I mean, we’ve gotten into little scuffles or arguments, but most of the time, we were playing around. The only serious fight we got into was when she hooked up with that guy in January, and we weren’t even dating. That was four months ago.

We kept walking and talking, and then eventually got to Melissa’s house. She went to open the door, but it was locked. She scoffed as she got out her keys.

"How is it that I live in a house with seven girls, and yet none of them are in the house?" She asked. She turned the key and opened it up, letting me in. The house was quiet. 

"At least you can get your work done without worrying about them being loud," I pointed out, following her up the stairs to her bedroom.

"Good point. You better not distract me, Dwyer," she said, turning to look back at me. I grinned and gave her butt a tap, and she rolled her eyes. 


Melissa’s POV:

"How’s the paperwork coming?" I asked, looking up from my notebook to look at Conor sitting at the foot of my bed with his legs crossed. My back was up against my headboard, and my knees were up.

"As good as it was five minutes ago," Conor said, looking up to meet my eyes. I laughed.

"Sorry! This is boring," I pouted. I was focusing on some global marketing project that I had to get through, but I wasn’t really interested in it. I bit my pen and looked back down at the notes I had scribbled on my paper. It was blurring together, because I was so damn bored.

I was distracted from it by Conor tossing aside his paperwork. I frowned. 

"You’re done already?!" I asked him. He got up on all fours and crawled over to me, pushing my legs apart and putting himself in between them.

"No," he said, kissing one of my cheeks. "But I’ve got this really sexy girl on a bed and I keep getting distracted by her," he admitted, kissing my other cheek. I laughed.

"Con, I have to do this," I said. Although he was really turning me on right now. 

"It can wait," Conor said, putting his lips on top of mine. I kissed him back, and he took my notebook and stuff away and put it to the side. I slid down my headboard so that my head was resting on my pillow. Conor remained hovering over me, kissing me hard and long. My arms went around his neck.

We were getting pretty into it. His hand ran down my side and slid up my tank top, resting on my stomach. I ran my hand down his chest, and put my hand up his shirt slightly too. Rock hard underneath that shirt. Amazing.

Conor brought his body closer to mine and pushed his hips against me. I felt something hard press against my leg and I smirked gently. It was awesome knowing I had this effect on him. 

His hand remained on my stomach for another moment, and then slid down my stomach and hooked onto the top of my denim shorts. It tickled a little bit.

"I can’t," I whispered again. Conor groaned.

"Why?" He asked, pulling away from my lips, frowning. 

"Period," I said simply. 

"Again? You just had it two weeks ago," Conor said, raising an eyebrow. Shit. I forgot that I used that excuse when he tried to hook up with me in his house a couple of weeks back. And that was the excuse I used in Vegas, too. "Melissa, what’s wrong?" He frowned, propping himself over me with his hands.

"Nothing…" I said, but trailed off.

"Do you not want to sleep with me?" He asked, raising an eyebrow a little bit.

"It’s not that at all!" I said, shaking my head.

"Then what is it?" He asked me. I knew he was patiently waiting for an answer. I found his eyes.

And then it came out like projectile vomit. Before I could even consider telling him, or think about what I was gonna say, it came out.

"I’m a virgin."

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